A GSPIA Delegation attended Carleton University's Model NATO 2017

Posted on Friday, March 3, 2017

At the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs, students are encouraged to take part in
extracurricular activities that allow them to better understand the capabilities and constraints that shape
international policies.

With this in mind, what better way to learn about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization than to participate in Carleton Model NATO 2017, a mock global crisis simulation that took place from February 23 to 26. Delegates addressed issues including cyber-security, human trafficking, NATO expansion, non-proliferation, outer space weaponization, peacebuilding and more. The goal: To reach a consensus by developing strategies and proposing innovative solutions consistent with NATO's existing framework.

The students were privileged to have private question and answer sessions with chargés d’affaires at the
embassies of the European Union and of Germany. As well, experienced and inspiring guest speakers shared words of wisdom on the skills required to work in defence and security. Robert McRae, former Canadian ambassador to NATO and specialist in international security and intelligence, discussed his extensive career in the foreign service and NATO’s supposed obsolescence, while MP Karen McCrimmon, parliamentary secretary to the minister of veterans affairs and associate minister of national defence, talked about her time in the military and how to gain leadership experience.

GSPIA students Zunaira Asif, Peter Bito, Roxanne Dumoulin, Lauren Gravis, Anna Gruszewski, Michael Xiang Li and Jordan Storozuk were part of delegations representing France, Austria and the United Nations on the following committees: the North Atlantic Council (NAC), Military Committee, Committee on Proliferation, Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council and Historic Crisis Committee. Michael Xiang Li, the head delegate, was named best delegate on the Committee on Proliferation for his active participation and outstanding contribution to the development of communiqués. Everyone is very proud of him!

students seated posing for a picture

Left to right: Lauren Gravis, Jordan Storozuk, Roxanne Dumoulin, Michael Li


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