About the School


Mission of the GSPIA

Based on a fully interdisciplinary approach for teaching, research in both French and English, in the domains of international affairs, public policy, international development as well as in conflict studies and human rights;

Ensure a learning experience which takes into account the complex interactions between national and world phenomena in the pursuit of public and international affairs;

Ensure a comprehensive and innovative high quality education which integrates both theory and practice;

Ensure the development of close links with the local, national and international communities, in particular the public sectors, paragovernmental and non governmental organizations in the region;

Ensure that students have access to practical learning through discussions and seminars with senior fellows, international courses and co-op placements;

Ensure an education and an institutional environment conducive to achieving a high level of bilingualism;

Offer seminars and training to meet the specific needs of public sectors, non governmental organizations and other non profit organizations;

Increase the synergy between the various disciplines in Social Sciences in the study of public and international affairs.


Vision of the GSPIA

The Graduate School of Public and International Affairs educates highly qualified leaders conscious of their responsibility to the common good in the domains of public and international affairs. The School pursues cutting edge research in direct links with public sectors and non profit organizations.

Through links with the local, national and international communities and through exchanges (senior fellows, international exchanges and coop placements), the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs offers a unique place for students, professors and researchers, to study from both theoretical and practical perspectives, public policy and international governance in industrialized and in developing countries.

The Graduate School of Public and International Affairs will contribute to the development of public and international policies by actively participating in civic debates.

A School where public policy and international affairs come together

Created in 2007, the masters program in public and international affairs offers a bilingual, multidisciplinary curriculum designed for those who wish to pursue careers or further graduate studies related to the fields of public policy, international affairs, and international development. The program has been designed with three objectives in mind.

First, in a world increasingly marked by globalization, the distinction between international affairs and national policy-making is increasingly blurred. More and more, national policy-makers across a wide range of sectors, from immigration policy to environmental protection and economic policy, must understand, take account of, and engage in international relations to be effective. Conversely, professionals of international relations and international development can also benefit greatly from a better understanding of the factors that shape policy-making at the national level. Acknowledging this reality, the M.A. in Public and International Affairs brings students to explore the complex relation between the domestic and international realms of public affairs.

Second, to understand and address the complex problems that governments and societies are facing today, whether it is international security, development or social policy, it is increasingly necessary to analyze those problems from a variety of perspectives, using a diversity of methodological and analytical tools that only a truly multidisciplinary education can offer. The M.A. in Public and International Affairs is dedicated to providing such a multidisciplinary education. Comprising courses embracing different disciplinary traditions, the curriculum is taught by faculty members with varied backgrounds, including history, economics, political science, law, philosophy and sociology.

Third, the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (GSPIA) is committed to providing an education that is not only academically rigorous but also professionally-oriented and relevant for future practitioners. To that end, the curriculum is taught with a keen attention to the skills and knowledge needed by professionals in public and international affairs and our courses provide regular opportunities to interact with practitioners. GSPIA greatly benefits from the presence and active engagement of several distinguished practitioners, such as former senior government executives and diplomats, who enrich the intellectual life of the School and who contribute to the quality of the students' experience.

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