“The cognitive sciences allow us to understand how we organize objects in our brains, for example. To me, it’s specially fascinating that a bilingual individual must stock twice as many words as a unilingual person, while taking into account very distinct language structures. Thanks to the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP), I got to work closely with researchers like Prof. Fennell who specializes in language acquisition in infants.” 

Camille Gourgues, student

“This diverse and versatile program allows me to explore human functioning through a variety of perspectives, ranging from sociology to neuroscience. I have always loved the hard sciences, but I also really love interacting with people. In a sense, this program delves as far as possible into the sciences, while still being a social science.”

Allison Leeming, student

“Psychology is about human behaviour and interaction, and research in psychology can cover such a wide spectrum, from the forces that guide altruism and community solidarity, to the treatments that can ensure a healthy brain as we age.” 

Adam Moscoe, student

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