Why study in Psychology?


Research at the School is, by necessity, as diverse as the field of psychology itself and covers the main areas of both experimental and applied psychology. Furthermore, the School's research training objectives stress the need for diversification. As a result, professors hold grants from the three federal granting agencies as well as from a number of specialized organizations (for example: National Defence, Social Services). The professors also work closely with researchers from the faculties of Science, Medicine, Health Sciences, and Arts.

Bilingualism and Service to the Community

The School has a unique policy on bilingualism that governs all of its activities. At both the graduate and undergraduate levels, compulsory courses are given separately in French and English. Bilingual students are given priority for admission to the Ph.D. programs, which require that students have a passive knowledge of their second official language for graduation. The School also plays an active role in the distance education program geared to Franco-Ontarian communities and has had a grant since 1988 to help extend the Clinical Ph.D. Program to Francophones in Northern Ontario.

With more than fifty years experience, an outstanding faculty, and an excellent reputation, the School offers an enriching experience leading to multiple possible careers to all those wishing to get involved in the serious learning of psychology.

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