Second Language Requirements for Graduate Studies

Students who, at the time of admission, can provide proof of their competence in both languages (e.g., prior post-secondary education in both languages, certificate of linguistic competency) are deemed to meet the language requirement.

All students must meet the second language requirement (English or French) in order to obtain their doctoral degree. The requirements can be met in one of four ways:

(a) passing the FLS 1000 proficiency test administered by the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (ILOB),

(b) successfully completing a graduate course in which all course requirements are met in the second language,

(c) writing the Thesis in the second language, or

(d) successfully completing a second year course designated by the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute (FLS 2511 or ESL 2111). The grade received for this course will appear as a ‘P’ (Pass) or ‘F’ (Fail) on the official transcript. In this case, as this is an undergraduate course, a Pass is considered to be a 50% or higher.

You should note that this is different from the Ph.D. Degree with recognition of Professional Bilingual Competence.


Approved by the Management Committee 2014-05-14

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