Cognition Research Group


The Cognition Research Group (CRG) involves a number of faculty members who are investigating, either independently or in collaboration, a broad range of issues in cognition research. Our interests range from simple to complex cognitive processes and involve both humans and animals across the life span. Our program emphasizes theoretically-driven research that includes behavioral approaches and cutting-edge techniques such as computational modeling, event-related evoked potential measurement, and neuroimaging. Applications of this work are relevant to a number of related research fields such as biology, health sciences, education, linguistics, ergonomics, and artificial intelligence. Collaboration between faculty members and other research groups (e.g., National Research Council, Carleton University, Ottawa General Hospital) provides a rich training environment for doctoral and postdoctoral research. Current research projects are funded by various granting agencies:


  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
  • Canadian Institutes of Health Research
  • Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada
  • Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network

Group Members and their Research Interests

Cognitive Seminar Series

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