Travel Funds

Policy for the Allocation of Funds for Academic Purposes for Graduate Students

  1. For graduate students, the amount allocated is fixed at $100.00 and must be supported by the presentation of receipts. Eligible expenses include transportation, poster printing fees, lodging, and conference registration fees. Requests pertaining to travel expenses for a conference must be submitted using the official application form of the School and must be submitted to the Director of the School before the conference.
  2. The School will provide financial support towards one author per communication.
  3. Funds will be released upon the presentation of proof of participation in the conference and according to the relevant university policies.
  4. Funds are granted for a period of one year, from May 1st until April 30th of the following year.
  5. Graduate students are strongly encouraged to make simultaneous fund requests to other pertinent sources (ex: Travel Grants and Graduate Students' Association).
  6. Support can be provided for attending workshops or seminars when they are directly related to the development of essential components of the programs of the School. Such requests must be supported by the academic Program Director concerned.

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