Request for Extension of the Time Limit to Complete the Requirements of a Graduate Degree

Requests for an extension of time limits are given only in exceptional circumstances. A detailed report on the student's progress and a recommendation from the supervisor must accompany each request. Extensions are granted only to students whose progress has been otherwise fully satisfactory. Extensions are usually given for a maximum of one year.

A complete request for an extension must be submitted at least one month before the student’s deadline to complete his/her program. The request must include the following elements:

  1. A completed “Request for extension of the time limit to complete the requirements of a graduate degree” form, submitted online as a service request through the candidate centre in uoZone..The requested extension must be realistic taking into account the remaining research to be done. It can be for one session, two sessions, or three sessions. The thesis supervisor must approve the request in uoCampus.
  2. A letter from the student giving the reasons for the requested extension must be attached to the service request. This letter must also indicate when the thesis proposal was accepted.
  3. A letter from the thesis supervisor supporting the request for an extension, with a realistic time schedule to complete the remaining research activities. This time schedule must be approved by all members of the thesis committee. Letters or email messages from committee members indicating their approval of the proposed schedule must also be attached to the service request.


Submitted to the Management Committee April 12, 2017

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