Master's Level Research Practicum (PSY 5023)

The School of Psychology requires that each student admitted to the Master's-Ph.D. programme with a Bachelor's degree must successfully complete the research practicum by the end of the first year of studies in order to be allowed to continue in the Programme as a Ph.D. student.

  1. Objectives

    For the research practicum, students must 1) acquaint themselves with their thesis research area, 2) show their research skills at the methodological, analytical and technical levels, and 3) demonstrate their knowledge of major works in their area.

  2. Scope and content

    Six credits are associated with the research practicum. Over the course of the year, the student should spend six hours per week, on average, on the research practicum.

    Activities must revolve mainly around the honing of research skills. As much as possible, each objective should be attained through the performance of several activities. Below are a few examples of activities that tie in with the objectives: 

    • Objective 1: Introduction to the thesis domain
      Reading of the publications (articles, theses) written by the members of the research team or the laboratory to which the student belongs.

      Participation in the seminars organized by the research team or the laboratory to which the student belongs.

      Collaboration on a presentation at a scientific convention.

    • Objective 2: Mastering research skills
      Learning of the methods, techniques or tools used in the student's research domain.

      Data collection in the student's research domain.

      Participation in the data collection for the research project of someone else.

      Analysis of the data collected by the student, or someone else or of the data contained in public bank

      Presentation of a study conducted by the student at a scientific convention.

    • Objective 3 : Knowing the main works published in the domain
       Critical survey of learned articles dealing with a topic linked to the student's research area.

      Drafting of an article manuscript.

      Drafting of a grant application.

      Drafting of the theoretical introduction to the thesis.

      Drafting of a discussion paper on the trends in the chosen research area.

    Office work (photocopying, collating questionnaires, entering data, etc.) must represent only a very small proportion of the practicum's activities. 
  3. Administrative Details

    Registration for the practicum takes place in all three sessions of the first year of studies. Each session is worth two credits.

    The student and the thesis supervisor must work out an agreement on the nature of the planned practicum activities by the end of September. Both parties have to sign the form, which is then brought by the student to the Graduate Studies Secretariat of the School of Psychology. 

4.  Evaluation

The student's activities are graded Pass or Fail, and the evaluation form is sent to the Graduate Studies Secretariat of the School of Psychology at the end of August.

5.  Grade reviews and appeal

The procedure is described in the Policies and Regulations of the University.


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