Honours BSc in Psychology

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Honours BA in Psychology

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Major in Psychology

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Minor in Psychology


Finance your Studies
financial aid and awards

Please visit the Website of the Financial Aid and Awards Service for information on undergraduate scholarships and bursaries, financial assistance and the Work-Study Program.


Clinical Psychology Program

The clinical PhD program is a CPA-accredited scientist-practitioner program designed to train students in both research and clinical skills that can lead to a broad range of employment possibilities. Through practica, students learn about clinical work with children, adolescents, families, adults and couples, as well as about program evaluation and consultation with community agencies. Research skills are taught through an apprenticeship model with thesis supervisors, who may be full-time professors in clinical or experimental psychology, cross-appointed professors in other university departments, or adjunct or clinical professors working in hospitals or other community agencies.

Application Deadline: December 15th

Experimental Psychology Program

Our combined MA/PhD program offers specialized education in behavioural neuroscience, cognition, developmental psychology and social/community psychology, along with broad-based research and professional skills. Our dynamic professors have research interests that run from neurons to neighbourhoods, and they pursue them using our state-of-the-art multi-disciplinary research facilities, including the INSPIRE laboratory ( All this prepares our graduates to function in a number of research settings, including universities, government and industry.

Deadline: December 15th

Note: Based on availability in the program, strong applications will continue to be examined after this deadline, and admission scholarships are available for all eligible candidates.

Finance your Studies
  • MHS Assessments Scholarship
  • Melody Matte Award
  • Pierre Baron Scholarship
  • Scott Rafter Scholarship

Complete list of scholarships and bursaries available to Social Science students.

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