Why study Psychology - student testimony

Posted on Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Kim Thériault

Third year student Kim Thériault talk about why she chose to study in Psychology.

Program of study: Honours BSc in psychology

Why did I choose this program? I always loved science and the analysis of human behavior. The B.Sc. program specializing in psychology offers me the opportunity to combine both of my passions. This program prepares me for graduate studies in neuropsychology

What I like about my study program: In our daily lives, we always talk about the importance of mental health. What I learn in my classes allows me to better understand and help others. My program allows me to broaden my knowledge of human behavior under different factors. I love the diversity of psychology courses offered by our faculty!

On campus, I am involved in: in the buddy program offered by the International office. In addition to helping an international student in his adaptation to Canada and the university, it’s an opportunity to connect with someone who has a different culture than mine. By participating in this program, it allows me to discover the tradition of another country and improve my language skills.

I am also part of the volunteer team for the Health Promotion call Peer Educators Program. We are student ambassadors of the University of Ottawa's Health Services. It allows me to promote health, which is very important to me!

Also, I was fortunate to have a job at the University of Ottawa as an orientation guide for new students. This is an opportunity to meet new people and share my university experience with others. This job allowed me to learn about the many services offered by the university, while having the opportunity to represent the Faculty of Social Sciences

After my studies, I plan on: continue in graduate studies. I would like to do a PhD in neuropsychology. This profession has always captivated me! Thereafter, I want to work in clinic and research. Also, I might like to teach a branch of psychology here at the University of Ottawa. You never know, everything is possible!

Who is your favorite teacher and why? My favorite teacher is Dr. Julie Marcil. She is passionate about what she teaches, which makes the material captivating. In addition to expressing herself well, she goes throught the material at a good pace to ensure that everyone understand. As a psychologist, she explains the course material using concrete examples from her own professional experience. I like the dynamics of her classes! She always invites us to participate and ask her questions. Her calm and kindness,  put us in confidence. Also, during the classes we can hear several people talking about their life experience which makes them more interesting and even touching! She is a teacher that I’ll never forget!

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