Why I chose psychology – Student testimony

Posted on Monday, October 30, 2017

Camille Gourgues

Student Camille Gourgues chose a Joint Honours BA in Psychology and Linguistics.

Why did I choose this program? This Joint Honours program is structured in such a way that I possess all the prerequisites to apply to the master's degree in speech therapy. I liked the idea of having two disciplines, because it allowed me to broaden my knowledge in two different areas.

What I like about my program: I can apply what I learn in my classes to my daily life: my psychology courses help me understand myself and others! I also like how diverse my courses are, there’s always more to learn and discover!

On campus, I got involved: at the Bilingualism Centre as a volunteer. I was a tutor, so I helped students who were interested in learning French or English. It was a really rewarding experience. I had the opportunity to learn more about different cultures, since many international students used this service.

I also did research at the Language Development Laboratory. This allowed me to put my learning into practice and gave me an overview of the world of research. I was lucky enough to meet some very talented people who taught me a lot.

In addition, I work on campus. This job offered me exceptional opportunities and allowed me to meet students from different programs and from all over the world. To keep me active, I like to take part in the classes offered by Sports Services. It's really a good way to relieve stress, and I've been able to try different activities like Zumba, Kick-Boxing, Yoga, etc.

After my studies, I plan on… First, I plan on taking a sabbatical year to travel. I feel the need to discover the world. After that I want to apply to the master's degree in speech therapy. This is the career I have always wanted. After mastering, I intend to practice but I also love teaching! Maybe I'll start a doctorate. We'll see what life holds for me!

Who is your favorite teacher and why? My favorite teacher was Simon Beaudry; he is an excellent teacher! He explains the subject in so many different ways so that everyone can understand. He is very attentive. He follows the pace of the students in his classroom. Simon was very available for his students. He always welcomed us warmly, when we went to his office He is very close to his students and takes his role to heart. Anyone can feel his passion for teaching. The best example to prove his dedication is that he had to bake cookies for each of us on the final exam. The Quantitative Methods course is a mandatory course and didn’t really interest me at first, but Simon managed to make the statistics pleasant! A passionate teacher can make all the difference!

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