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Posted on Thursday, June 24, 2021

It is with great pleasure that I welcome a new faculty member, Dr. Arne Stinchcombe, and congratulate Dr. Isabelle Boutet on her new professorial role. Both colleagues will be starting their new roles in the School of Psychology on July 1, 2021 as Assistant Professors in Cognitive Aging.

portrait of Isabelle Boutet

Isabelle Boutet

Dr. Isabelle Boutet’s research program aims at understanding how humans analyze social cues conveyed by faces, and how the nature of this process changes across the lifespan, particularly in older adults. Dr. Boutet’s interest in facial cues has generated a fascinating additional line of research examining ways to enhance digital communication with an emphasis on the use of emojis to convey emotions and social traits. Her research has been featured in the media multiple times over the past few years. Of course, we are all familiar with Dr. Boutet’s teaching excellence.

Portait of Arne Stinchcombe

Arne Stinchcombe

Dr. Stinchcombe’s research foci are: 1) Identifying cognitive processes that support continued community mobility and health among older adults; and 2) Exploring risk of cognitive decline and the contribution of health, cognitive reserve, social networks, and minority stressors. He is one of the few researchers in Canada specifically looking at LGBTQ+ seniors and their health. His focus on equity, diversity, and inclusion is an excellent fit with our goals as a School. Dr. Stinchcombe has an excellent record of research, funding, and teaching.

We look forward to welcoming these talented individuals to our School in their new roles. We all look forward to supporting you in your future endeavours.



Christopher Fennell

Director and Associate Dean

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