Graduate Course Timetable

Summer 2019

Session Course Professor Title Schedule Room


May 1 to June 11


Simon Beaudry Fondements de la psychologie sociale

Mon. 11:30-14:30

Wed. 11:30-14:30



May 1 to July 23

Reserved for students enrolled in the Certificate in Program Evaluation at the Faculty of Education.

PSY5104A Jennifer Rae Intergration Sem. Prog. Eval Wed. 17:30-20:30



May 1 to June 11

PSY6534A Patrick Gaudreau Construction de tests et théorie psychométrique

Tue. 11:30-14:30

Thu. 11:30-14:30



Fall 2019

Session Course Professor Title Schedule Room


PSY5114A Stuart Hammond Fundamentals of Developmental Psychology Tue. 11:30-14:30


S-D PSY5120A Dwayne Schindler Advanced Statistics in Psychology: Univariate Data Analysis Tue. 08:30-11:30 VNR2008
S-D PSY5133A George Tasca Clinical Research Methods Thu. 08:30-11:30 FSS4012
S-D PSY5520A Patricia Brosseau-Liard Statistique avancée en psychologie: Analyse de données univariées Wed. 14:30-17:30 VNR2008
S-D PSY6170A Clarissa Bush Ethics and Professional Issues Fri. 08:30-11:30 FSS4012
S-D PSY6191A Andra Smith Seminars in Psychology: Neuroimaging Mon. 11:30-14:30 FSS9003
S-D PSY6191C

Stuart Fogel 

Christina Atance

Seminars in Psychology: Consciousness and Volition: An Interdisciplinary Perspective Tue. 14:30-17:30 FSS5023


Course offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from September 5th to October 15th, 2019

Pierre Ritchie

Jean Grenier

Déontologie et questions professionnelles

Tue. 11:30-14:30

Thu. 14:30-17:30




S-D PSY6591A Nafissa Ismail Séminaire en psychologie: Hormones et comportement

Thu. 11:30-14:30

S-D PSY7103A Jennifer Rae Program Evaluation Tue. 17:30-20:30 FSS4012


Darcy Santor Evidence-Based Psychological Services for Children, Adolescents, Families  Wed. 14:30-17:30 FSS4012
S-D PSY7124A Serena Corsini-Munt Couples Therapy Mon. 08:30-11:30 FSS4012
S-D PSY7503A Simon Roy Évaluation de programmes Mon. 17:30-20:30 FSS4012


September-April courses

Session Course Professor Title Schedule Room



Krystelle Shaughnessy

Maria Rogers

Julie Desjardins

Psychodiagnostic Assessment of Adults and Children Wed. 11:30-14:30 FSS4012
S-A PSY5207A

Elke Reissing

Elisa Romano

Darcy Santor

Tim Aubry

Psychological Intervention and Consultation

Tue. 11:30-14:30


S-A PSY5424A

Dave Miranda

Denis Cousineau

Jean-François Bureau

Claude Messier

Contemporary Issues and Professional Skills in the Psychological Sciences Mon. 14:30-17:30 FSS4012


Sophie Lebel

Julie Desjardins

Jude Mary Cénat


Évaluation psychodiagnostique des adultes et des enfants

Sept. 4 - Nov. 13: Wed. 11:30-14:30

Nov. 22 - Jan. 31: Fri. 11:30-14:30

Feb. 5 - Apr. 1: Wed. 11:30-14:30






S-A PSY5607A

Caroline Sullivan

Krystelle Shaughnessy

Jude Mary Cénat

Virginie Cobigo

Intervention et consultation psychologique Thu. 11:30-14:30 FSS4012
S-A PSY6042A Jean-François Bureau Practicum in Basic Research Fri. 14:30-17:30 FSS4012
S-A PSY6991A Stuart Fogel Seminars in Psychology: Neurobiology of sleep & sleep disorders Wed. 17:30-20:30 DEPDEPT


Winter 2020

Session Course Professor Title Schedule Room
J-A PSY5102A Cary Kogan Applied Psychopathology Mon. 11:30-14:30 CRXC320
J-A PSY5121A Patricia Brosseau-Liard Advanced Statistics in Psychology: Multivariate Data Analysis Tue. 14:30-17:30 VNR2015
J-A PSY5502A Pierre Gagnon Psychopathologie appliquée Tue. 11:30-14:30 FSS4014
J-A PSY5521A Denis Cousineau Statistique avancée en psychologie: Analyse de données multivariées Mon. 08:30-11:30 VNR2015
J-A PSY5533A Martin Lalumière Méthodes de recherche clinique Tue. 11:30-14:30 FSS8003
J-A PSY6107A George Tasca Clinical Applications of Interpersonal Theory Tue. 08:30-11:30 FSS4012
J-A PSY6191C Patrick Davidson Seminars in Psychology: Human Memory: Cognitive, Neural, Developmental, and Social Perspectives Wed. 14:30-17:30 FSS6004
J-A PSY6191D Elizabeth Kristjansson Seminars in Psychology: Systemic Review Methodology Tue. 14:30-17:30 VNR2008
J-A PSY6522A Sophie Lebel Psychologie clinique de la santé Wed. 11:30-14:30 FSS4014
J-A PSY7102A Tim Aubry Field Research in Social and Community Interventions Tue. 17:30-20:30 FSS4012
J-A PSY7109A Elisa Romano Psychological Effects and Treatment of Trauma Fri. 14:30-17:30  FSS1005
J-A PSY7523A Allison Jane Ouimet Thérapies comportementales et cognitives Mon. 11:30-14:30 FSS4012


Please note that the course timetable is subject to change at any given time.

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