Isabelle Boutet on facial recognition (CTV News)

Professor Isabelle Boutet talks about the relationship between facial recognition and vision in a CTV News article:

Andra Smith on driving high (CTV News)

Professor Andra Smith talks about driving while under the influence of cannabis in a CTV News article:

Robyn McQuaid on the environment and gene expression (Brandon Sun)

Robyn McQuaid is researching how the environment may alter gene expression of the '60s Scoop and residential schools:

Tim Aubry is quoted by Radio-Canada

Professor Tim Aubry is quoted in a Radio-Canada article:

New Research Group on Sex and Anxiety

The objective of the Sex and Anxiety Research Group (SAX-RG) is to conduct research that that sheds light on why anxiety increases, decreases, or does not affect sexual outcomes in order to improve sexual health and well-being.

Tim Aubry on homelessness (CBC News)

Professor Tim Aubry talks about homelessness in Ottawa in a CBC News article:

Isabelle Boutet is quoted by Le Droit and La Tribune Sherbrooke

Professor Isabelle Boutet is quoted in:


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