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Building Upon Our Strengths to Define Our Future

The overarching goals of the Mission and the Vision are to improve the quality of the research and the academic environment, and the quality of the university experience for our undergraduate students, our graduate students, our staff, and our faculty.


Since 1941, Psychology at the University of Ottawa has been a reflection of the broad spectrum of modern scientific psychology research and applications. The School is committed to expand the understanding of human behaviour and its development and contribute to optimize mental health and well-being through rigorous and state of the art research. This forms the basis for its academic and professional training programs which strive to provide a rich experience to its students preparing them to excel in their careers and their contribution to society.

The School has been a champion of the University of Ottawa's mission towards Franco-Ontarians, language duality and bilingualism.  From the outset, all its programs at both the undergraduate and the graduate level are offered in French and in English.

The specific mission of the undergraduate program in Psychology is to provide students with an understanding of the mental structures and processes that underlie individual human experience and behaviour, the scientific methodologies by which such a knowledge base is acquired, and the critical thinking skills necessary to evaluate scientific and popular claims concerning behaviour. For a subgroup of our undergraduate majors (particularly those intending to continue into graduate study), we also seek to provide in-depth research apprenticeships in our faculty's laboratories.

The specific mission of our graduate programs in experimental and clinical psychology is to educate and train students for careers in basic and applied scientific psychological research that are currently defined as five main and active research fields, Behavioural Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Lifespan Psychology, Social & Community Psychology, with the outcome being graduates who will produce and apply scientific knowledge in their research and/or teaching in a variety of contexts.  For those who pursue careers in clinical psychology, training is offered in a scientist-practitioner model of psychological service, with a special emphasis on evidence-based interventions. An integral part of the clinical program is the Centre for Psychological Services, whose mission is to deliver psychological services to the general population of the region, to provide training to doctoral students in clinical psychology, and to facilitate research.

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