Selected Topic Courses

Spring/Summer 2020

FSS 3100 A00  Special Topics : Introduction to User Experience (UX) 

Prof. Meghan Ruth Ede

Online course

An introduction to User Experience (UX), including an overview of some of its various flavors including Design Thinking, Jobs to be Done (JTBD), Service Design, and Human Computer Interaction (HCI). A hands-on, project-based course that will explore why some things are so frustrating to use and how they can be better designed, including websites, web applications, documentation, services, and buildings. Students will be exposed to the complete UX design process from understanding users to brainstorming, prototyping and testing redesigns. No previous design skills required. Projects will include material readily available at uOttawa and students will have the chance to present to and get feedback from uOttawa faculty and staff who will stand in as clients.

Prerequisite: 54 university course units




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