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Tasca, G. A. (2015). What Canadian clinical psychologists want from psychotherapy research. Canadian Psychology/Psychologie canadienne, 56(1), 16.

Tasca, G. A., Sylvestre, J., Balfour, L., Chyurlia, L., Evans, J., Fortin-Langelier, B., ... & Joyce, A. S. (2015). What clinicians want: Findings from a psychotherapy practice research network surveyPsychotherapy, 52(1), 1.

Tasca, G. A., Grenon, R., Fortin-Langelier, B., & Chyurlia, L. (2014). Addressing challenges and barriers to translating psychotherapy research into clinical practice: The development of a psychotherapy practice research network in CanadaCanadian Psychology/Psychologie canadienne, 55(3), 197.

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