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The Psychotherapy Practice Research Network (PPRNet) is currently recruiting practicing psychotherapists for a research study on therapeutic alliance and repair. Please see the Research Studies tab for more information.

Past Events

Café Scientifique

The PPRNet hosted a Café Scientifique entitled "Analyze This: Psychotherapy in the 21st Century" on Monday, April 14th, 2014 at The Irving Greenberg Theatre Centre (home of the Great Canadian Theatre Company). Our Café featured 3 expert panelists: Dr. John Hunsley, Dr. Louise Balfour, and Christine Flammer, Executive Director of Hopewell Eating Disorder Support Centre. We had a terrific turn out to this event, with over 80 participants from the general public and professional community. Dr. John Hunsley spoke about the efficacy of psychotherapy, Dr. Louise Balfour spoke about what happens during psychotherapy, and Christine Flammer spoke about patients’ and families’ perspectives.

Practice-Based Research Priority Setting Conference

On November 17th, 2012 the PPRNet was launched with the inaugural Practice-Based Research Priority Setting Conference at the Hilton Garden Inn in Ottawa, Canada. During this conference, participants comprised of psychotherapy clinicians, educators, and researchers, listened to talks about current trends in psychotherapy research, and about practice-based research in psychotherapy. Our keynote speaker, Dr. Louis Castonguay, delivered an animated talk entitled, "Repairing Alliance Ruptures Between Research and Practice: Contributions Of Practice Research Networks toward Understanding and Improving Psychotherapy." Please see his bio below. Throughout the day, participants also collaborated with their colleagues in small working groups designed to generate research priorities that are important to clinicians and their clients.

Read more about PPRNet's qualitative analysis of 10 clinician focus groups (pdf, 480 KB)

Featured Speakers:

Dr. Louis Castongauy

Dr. Castonguay is a Professor at the Department of Psychology at Penn State University. With more than 120 publications (including four co-edited books), his scholarly work and research focus on different aspects of the process of change and training, especially within the context of integration of psychotherapy. He is also involved in the investigation of the efficacy of new integrative treatments for generalized anxiety disorder and depression, and the development of Practice Research Networks aimed at facilitating the collaboration between clinicians and researchers. He has received several recognitions from the American Psychological Association (APA) Division of Psychotherapy: including the Distinguished Psychologist Award for his life time contributions to the field of psychotherapy. He also served as President of the North American Society for Psychotherapy Research, as well as the International Society for Psychotherapy Research.

Louis G. Castonguay,
YouTube video Repairing Alliance Rupture Between Research and Practice

Portrait of John Ogrodniczuk

John Ogrodniczuk
YouTube video Efficacy and Effectiveness of Psychotherapy

Dr. John Hunsley

John Hunsley
YouTube video Psychotherapy Relationship Factors

Dr. Linda Huehn

Linda Huehn
YouTube video Therapist Factors

Dr. Kylie Francis

Kylie Francis
YouTube video Client Factors

Dr. Giorgio Tasca

Giorgio Tasca
YouTube video What is the PPRNet?

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