Sixth Annual Case Study Competition in Public Administration held at the School of Political Studies

Posted on Thursday, April 12, 2018

On Saturday March 24th was held the annual case study competition in public administration, now in its sixth edition. Organised by professors Éric Champagne, Pierre Martel and Eric Nelson, this friendly competition brought together the three integration seminars of the public administration program, which also meant it gathered a good portion of the finishing class. Participants were given two hours to solve a challenge similar to those encountered in today’s public service. Each team was then asked to present their solution before a panel of judges composed of practitioners, researchers, and advocates from the field. The challenge touched upon the issue of precarious housing and continued the competition’s tradition of confronting students to hard-hitting contemporary questions. The atmosphere was energised by the exchange of ideas and fueled by an excellent meal sponsored by the School of Political Studies.The competition was intense and the winners earned their victory at great effort.

The class of professor Éric Champagne
Winning Team: Fadumo Abdillahil, Michèle Vanessa Duplan, Antoinette Lowa Lumbala, Véronic Mageau, and Maxime Newbold

Antoinette Lowa Lumbala; Ange Léilla Kaze ; Antoine Noubouwo; Véronic Mageau; Éric Champagne; Fadumo Abdillahil; Michèle Vanessa Duplan; Danielle Poulin; Maxime Newbold Karen Ellis

Antoinette Lowa Lumbala; Ange Léilla KazeAntoine Noubouwo, Véronic Mageau, Éric Champagne, Fadumo AbdillahilMichèle Vanessa Duplan, Danielle Poulin, Maxime Newbold and Karen Ellis 


  • Antoine Noubouwo, Responsable Analyse et recherche depuis 2016. Ville de Gatineau, chargé de cours à l’ENAP et professeur à temps partiel à l’Université d’Ottawa
  • Danielle Poulin, Présidente du Conseil d’administration, Institut d’Administration Publique du Canada
  • Karen Ellis, Senior Fellow, School of Political Studies, former assistant deputy minister in the federal public service

The class of professor Pierre Martel
Winning Team: Jessica Quattrochi, Faith Baxter, Belinda Gond and Yue Yun Zhang


 Yue Yun Zhang et Martine Tanguay)

Gert Zangler, Renée Roussel, Belinda Gong, Pierre Martel, Faith Baxter and Jessica Quattrochi


  • Martine Tanguay, Directrice du rendement, Programmes du marché du travail et de développement social, Service Canada
  • Gert Zangler, Directrice, Programmes d'équité en milieu de travail et Projets spéciaux, Emploi et Développement social Canada
  • Renée Roussel, Directrice principale, Opérations nationales et de la conformité, Emploi et Développement social Canada

The class of professor Eric Nelson
Winning Team: Aqmar Mallick, Antonella Rrotani, Susan Kharel, and John Delaney

Eric Nelson; Michael O’Neill; Aqmar Mallick; Antonella Rrotani; Susan Kharel; John Delaney; Raynold Alorse; Kristen Holinsky

Eric Nelson, Michael O’Neill, Aqmar Mallick, Antonella Rrotani, Susan Kharel, John Delaney, Raynold Alorse and Kristen Holinsky


  • Michael O’Neill, Senior Director, Institute on Governance
  • Raynold Alorse, Senior Analyst, Public Governance International
  • Kristen Holinsky, Executive Director, Alliance to End Homelessness Ottawa
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