Professor Michael Orsini has published the book “Seeing Red – HIV/AIDS and Public Policy in Canada”

Posted on Thursday, June 14, 2018

book cover

Full Professor Michael Orsini has published the book: “Seeing Red, HIV/AIDS and Public Policy in Canada”, alongside Suzanne Hindmarch and Marilou Gagnon. To get a copy of the book, please visit University of Toronto Press.

What does it mean to think of HIV/AIDS policy in a critical manner? Seeing Red offers the first critical analysis of HIV/AIDS policy in Canada. Featuring the diverse experiences of people living with HIV, this collection highlights various perspectives from academics, activists, and community workers who look ahead to the new and complex challenges associated with HIV/AIDS and Canadian society.

In addition to representing a diversity of voices and perspectives, Seeing Red reflects on historical responses to HIV/AIDS in Canada. Among the specific issues addressed are the over-representation of Indigenous peoples among those living with HIV, the criminalization of HIV, and barriers to health and support services, particularly as experienced by vulnerable and marginalized populations. The editors and contributors seek to show that Canada has been neither uniquely compassionate nor proactive when it comes to supporting those living with HIV/AIDS. Instead, this remains a critical area of public policy, one fraught with challenges as well as possibilities.

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