New publication by Gordon DiGiacomo: “Human Rights”

Posted on Monday, February 1, 2016

Book cover : Human Rights: Current Issues and Controversies,

Gordon DiGiacomo, Professor, at the School of Political Studies, has edited the book Human Rights: Current Issues and Controversies, published by University of Toronto Press Publishing.


Written largely by Canadian scholars for Canadian readers, this overview of contemporary human rights concerns introduces the human rights instruments—provincial, national, and international—which protect Canadians. The volume begins with an outline of the history of human rights before moving on to discuss such important topics as the relationship between political institutions and rights protection, rights issues pertaining to specific communities, and cross-cutting rights issues that affect most or all citizens. Contemporary and comprehensive, Human Rights: Current Issues and Controversies is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about human rights.


Gordon DiGiacomo obtained his doctorate in political science in 2010 from Carleton University. Most of his career, prior to entering the academic world in 2003, was devoted to working on issues pertaining to labour rights. His introduction to rights and rights instruments came in the early 1980s when, like other ministerial assistants at the time, he was engaged in the promotion of a constitutionally entrenched charter of rights for Canadians. Among the courses he teaches at the University of Ottawa is the Politics of Human Rights.

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