Meet Laure Célérier, Assistant Professor at the School of Political Studies

Posted on Monday, September 11, 2017

Picture of Professor Laure Célérier

The Faculty of Social Sciences is pleased to welcome Laure Célérier as a new assistant Professor at the School of Political Studies.

Originating from France, Professor Laure Célérier whose research focuses on the accounting dimension of reforms of the State. The accounting dimension of the reforms is understood in a broad sense: Laure Célérier also works on the introduction of internal audit and the development of intangible assets management in the French public administration that do not cover exclusively accounting fields.

"I found that I read a lot about a neo-liberal transformation, which would be imposed from the outside, to the State and would escape the control of the high officials. I was not satisfied with that, I wanted to understand what was going on inside the state, for the administration to be transformed,” explains Laure Célérier. She adds that she wanted to work on the way senior officials seize reforms. She specifies that it is "not only the evolution of the balance of power, in which reforms are a cause and a symptom, but also the meaning that these reforms have for those who seize their implementation.” Laure Célérier highlights that the reforms are doubly motivated by questions of power within the administration between rival services and by the project to improve the functioning and image of the administration, in a context characterized in one hand by budgetary constraint which limits the possibilities of change and, on the other hand, by a strong criticism against the functioning of the administration. 

Professor Célérier spent several years studying in different regions of Europe. She obtained a master's degree in economic governance at Science Po Paris. As part of her schooling at Sciences Po, Laure Célérier completed her third year of the Bachelor's degree in political science in Berlin. Nourishing the project of becoming a teacher, Laure Célérier pursued her studies after her Master and prepared an aggregation of social sciences in Lyon. Once the aggregation was obtained, Laure Célérier taught for more than three years, including at the high school level, at the University Paris-Est Creteil as an associate professor and in Vietnam as a part-time professor. She then began her thesis at the HEC Paris business school. Wishing to focus on both accounting and political science, she completed a research study period at the Centre for Analysis of Risk and Regulation (CARR) of the London School of Economics, and at the Institute of Political, Historical and International Studies of the University of Lausanne. Before coming to Canada, she completed her career with a post-doctorate in sociology at EHESS (Paris).

Professor Célérier is very pleased to join the faculty ranks of the University of Ottawa. After several years of thesis in business school, she looks forward to working at the School of Political Studies of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Attracted by the bilingual aspect of Ottawa and the quality of Canadian life and research, she is pleased with the kindness of her colleagues and the diversity of their research interests. "The working conditions look very good, I felt particularly supported by my colleagues in my approach and welcomed because I was encouraged to continue my interdisciplinary research and develop my own initiatives for my courses.”

This fall she will be giving the course Theories of Public Organization, and during the winter session she’ll launch a new course, called Critical Accounting Perspective on New Public Management Reforms.

The School of Political Studies and the Faculty of Social Sciences wish her the best of luck.

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