Douglas Moggach has published the book “The 1848 Revolutions and European Political Thought”

Posted on Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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Douglas Moggach has published the book The 1848 Revolutions and European Political Thought. To get a copy of the book, please visit Cambridge University Press.

The revolutions that swept across Europe in 1848 marked a turning-point in the history of political and social thought. They raised questions of democracy, nationhood, freedom and social cohesion that have remained among the key issues of modern politics, and still help to define the major ideological currents - liberalism, socialism, republicanism, anarchism, conservatism - in which these questions continue to be debated today. This collection of essays by internationally prominent historians of political thought examines the 1848 Revolutions in a pan-European perspective, and offers research on questions of state power, nationality, religion, the economy, poverty, labour, and freedom. Even where the revolutionary movements failed to achieve their explicit objectives of transforming the state and social relations, they set the agenda for subsequent regimes, and contributed to the shaping of modern European thought and institutions.

Named Distinguished University Professor in 2011, Douglas Moggach is the holder of the University Research Chair in Political Thought (Faculty of Social Sciences) and a professor in the Department of Philosophy (Faculty of Arts). His work, published in seven languages, has achieved international recognition in the fields of political theory, philosophy and intellectual history, and has enriched our understanding of modern German philosophy. In 2007, Professor Moggach won a Killam Research Fellowship. He has been awarded numerous visiting fellowships at leading educational institutions around the world. Professor Moggach has achieved national recognition as an outstanding teacher and has consistently ranked among the highest in Social Sciences in teaching evaluations.

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