Congratulations to our graduate students who were awarded scholarships!

Posted on Monday, May 17, 2021

Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)

Keelan Buck | M.A. Public Administration


Keelan will be specializing in public management, with specific interests in the political-administrative interface, processes of bureaucratic politicization, and the behaviour and motivations of public-sector employees in the face of contemporary challenges like social media activity, transparency, and employee-employer relations.





Sabrina Beauchesne | M.A. Public Administration



Sabrina’s major research paper will focus on the management of freshwater resources in Canada. Her research question will focus on the gaps in freshwater management in Canada and how provincial governments can address some of these gaps. Her major research paper is supervised by professor Louis Simard.





Hayden Rasberry | M.A. Public Administration



Hayden is a candidate for the Master of Public Administration with a specialization in public policy. His research interests are in the area of voluntary tax compliance and the role of social norms in public policy design. For his Major Research Paper, he is investigating how norm-based tax compliance interventions can be applied to a Canadian context. He is also interested in the way paid consultants influence the formation of public policy. He is supervised by professor David Brown.



Michael Wigginton | Ph.D. Political Science

Michael’s research focuses on political parties and elections, with a particular interest in representation. He has published 8 peer-reviewed articles on these and other topics, in journals including Electoral Studies, Parliamentary Affairs, and the British Journal of Canadian Studies. His doctoral dissertation examines women’s representation in the Canadian House of Commons, with a particular emphasis on the role of party nomination contests. He is supervised by professor Daniel Stockemer.



Bénédicte Santoire | Ph.D. Political Science


Bénédicte Santoire holds a master’s degree in political science from the University of Montreal and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in political science at the University of Ottawa, under the supervision of Claire Turenne-Sjolander. Her doctoral thesis focuses on the implementation of the United Nations Security Council Resolutions on Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) in the post-Soviet space. She is interested in how the WPS agenda (as an international norm) is perceived, understood, contested, and translated at the local level in militarized contexts. Her research is also financed by the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture (FRQSC).



Marcus Charlesworth | Ph.D. Political Science

Marcus’s research topic is Martin Heidegger and Nationalism as an articulation of the phenomenological experience of being (and a critique thereof). His thesis is supervised by professor Robert Sparling.

Canada Graduate Scholarships Master's Program - SSRHC

Dominic Belisle | M.A. Public Administration

As part of his master's degree, Dominic wishes to continue his studies on the memorial and museum policies of the Canadian state and Canadian provinces as it relates to the Holocaust. He wishes to focus more particularly on the interventions of state institutions in this field. In this specific area, he developed a keen interest in museum policies of Holocaust memorial policies. For this reason, he believes it is important to find the reasons why the Canadian government has been silent and poorly interested in providing memorial sites such as museums in major Canadian centres. His major research paper will be supervised by professor Jonathan Paquette.


Simran Hardeep Singh | M.A. Political Science

Simran is a master's student in political science under the supervision of professor Frédéric Vairel. Her thesis focuses on feminist activists and the family transmission of feminism in Morocco. She is particularly interested in negotiations and the transformation of gender relations in the private sphere of activists.


Elspeth Burris | M.A. Political Science

Elspeth is interested in the issues of racial and gender inequality, the intersection of those and other forms of oppression, and the institutional and social structures that reinforce them. Her major research paper will examine the role of women and LGBTQ+ people within the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States, arguing that, despite progress, women and other gender and sexual minorities still face marginalization within social movements. She is supervised by professor Emily Regan Wills.



Carlos Zapata Alvarez | M.A. Political Science

Carlos’s research interests include Colombia’s armed conflict, dynamics of organized armed groups on Colombia’s Pacific coast, as well as informal economies, forced displacement, and rural and urban violence in Latin America and the Caribbean. He is also interested in legacies of authoritarianism in Spain and South America’s Southern Cone. For his master’s thesis, Carlos is researching on mechanisms of survival of informal workers in Cali, Colombia, during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. He is supervised by professor Marie-Christine Doran.

Katelyn O’Neill | M.A. Political Science


Katelyn’s research interests include Canada’s foreign aid objectives; specifically, how the government pursues global development goals through the Feminist International Assistance Policy. She hopes to further explore this approach’s successes and opportunities for improvement.





Gabriella Rabaa | M.A. Political Science


Canada Graduate Scholarships - Doctoral Program - SSHRC

Sylvain Bérubé | Ph.D. Political Science

His research interest focus on minority rights and contemporary political theory. In his most recent work he is interested in neorepublicanism. His thesis is supervised by professor Jean-Pierre Couture.

Olivia Kamgain | Ph.D. Political Science

Olivia's research interests are in democratic theory, political representation, and feminist theory. Her doctoral research focuses on LGBTQ political inclusion in Canada. Her work is supervised by Patti Lenard, professor at the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs.

Gabrielle Lafortune | Ph.D. Political Science

Gabrielle's research focuses on LGBT rights discourse in South Korea. Some authors claim the spread of rights discourse is part of neocolonialism, while others focus on the ability of people in diverse locations to use rights discourse to their advantage. Little research on the topic has been conducted in Northeast Asia, and she is seeking to identify how the South Korean case can contribute to this discussion.

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