André Laliberté edits the book “The Moral Economies of Ethnic and Nationalist Claims”

Posted on Saturday, January 7, 2017

Book cover : The Moral Economies of Ethnic and Nationalist Claim

Political studies Professor André Laliberté, alongside Bruce Berman and Stephen Larin, edits the book The Moral Economies of Ethnic and Nationalist Claim, published through University of British Columbia Press.

Bringing together international experts on ethnicity and nationalism, this book argues that competing moral economies play an important role in ethnic and nationalist conflict. Its authors investigate how the beliefs and practices that normatively regulate and legitimize the distribution of wealth, power, and status in a society – moral economies – are being challenged in identity-based communities in ways that precipitate or exacerbate conflicts. The combination of theoretical chapters and case studies ranging from Africa and Asia to North America provides compelling evidence for the value of moral economy analysis in understanding problems associated with ethnic and nationalist mobilization and conflict.

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