2.5 million dollars awarded!

Posted on Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Photo of Patrick Farard

Ottawa researchers (Jeremy Grimshaw, Kednapa Thavorn and Patrick Fafard) play key roles in global framework for responding to drug-resistant infections and are awarded 2.5 million dollars from the Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada.

Dr. Patrick Fafard, a professor from the University of Ottawa at the Faculty of Social Sciences (and cross-appointed at the Faculty of Medicine) and senior investigator with the Global Strategy Lab, will co-lead the development of regional political acceptability profiles in an effort to better understand whether and how individual countries support policy options that could contribute to the safe management of antimicrobial resistance.  

The Partnership grant led by Dr. Steven J. Hoffman of York University and Director of the Global Strategy Lab aims to develop a unifying global goal that can serve as a political barometer for progress on antimicrobial resistance, unpack the root social drivers of antimicrobial resistance and critically assess which national policies can best, address them from empirical, equity, ethics, and economics perspectives; and propose transformative global strategies for managing the shared pool of effective antimicrobials in a sustainable, acceptable, fair and effective manner.  

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