Congratulations to our former doctoral student, Etienne Roy Grégoire! The Canadian Association for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CALACS) has granted him the award of excellence for the best doctoral thesis 2020.

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CALACS 2020 Dissertation Prize Winner

Congratulations Etienne!

Etienne Roy Grégoire is a recent graduate of the School of Political Studies. He completed his doctoral thesis under the supervision of Professor Sylvie Paquerot in the fall of 2019. His thesis is entitled : "Écosystème normatif minier et communautés politiques en Colombie transitionnelle".

Doctoral student Fiorella Rabuffetti was granted a P.E.O. International Scholar Award!

Congratulations to our doctoral student Fiorella Rabuffetti!

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Fiorella was granted a P.E.O International Scholar Award for the 2019-2020 academic year. P.E.O. is an international women's organization supporting women's education in the United States and Canada. There were 945 nominees throughout North America for this award, and 150 were selected.

Edith Brunette receives prestigious scholarship from the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation

The 2019 Pierre Elliot Trudeau Foundation selected 20 of Canada’s outstanding researchers who were chosen for their research that contributes to one of the foundation’s four themes. Edith is an artist and a researcher who focuses on different conceptions of Canadian artists’ freedom and their influence on their political engagement. Congratulations Edith.

Congratulation to Chiamaka Mogo for winning the Stuntman Stu Community Builder Award.

Congratulation to Chiamaka Mogo, a 4th year Public Admnistration student on receiving the Stuntman Stu Community Builder award, by the Proud To Be Me Youth award’s organizers. This award was in recognition of the human rights and community work Chiamaka does in Canada and abroad.

Canadian Politics Course in the Senate of Canada

Professor Pierre Martel’s students had a unique and enriching experience. Seated at the desks reserved for senators, they listened to Senator Pierre Dalphond present this parliamentary institution in the Canadian federation. Many exchanges took place on its functioning and future prospects. Several testimonials highlighted the innovative and dynamic features of this learning experience. Who knows?  The next generation of senators may be on its way.


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