Announcement of the Winners: PPX-COG Research Excellence Scholarship

The Centre on Governance (COG), in partnership with the Performance and Planning Forum - Performance and Planning Exchange (PPX), continues its mission to encourage excellence in academic research in the areas of program planning, performance measurement and evaluation. For the academic year 2020-2021, two scholarships are awarded to two students, members of the COG. These scholarships, worth $3,000, are awarded to the winners of the competition to conduct their doctoral research, prepare a scientific paper, or participate in academic conferences on program planning, performance and evaluation. Recipients will present their research to a non-academic audience or through the dissemination of a research note at one of the events organized by the PPX. Recipients for the year 2020-2021 are:

Pauliana Borgella, Ph.D. student in Public Administration under the supervision of Professor Éric Champagne for a project entitled: L’utilisation de l’évaluation de programmes comme outil d’amélioration des politiques publiques : le cas d’Haïti (Using program evaluation as a tool for improving public policies: the case of Haiti).

Jackson Reggie, Ph.D. student in Public Administration under the supervision of Professor Christopher Cooper, whose project is entitled: Implementation of the Results Agenda: Unpacking the role public servants play in institutional work (Mise en œuvre de la Politique sur les résultats : le décryptage du rôle des fonctionnaires dans le travail institutionnel).

This is part of a broader plan to support and mobilize the capacity of early-career professors and graduate students, members of the Centre on Governance (COG).

Two students from the School of Political Studies receive a Federalism Scholarship!

We are happy to announce the recipients of the Doctoral Scholarship on federalism.

This $8,000 scholarship supports research on federalism by helping students produce important work in the fields of federalism studies and multi-level governance.

The 2021 recipients are:

Eric Desrochers, doctoral candidate in Political Science at the School of Political Studies. His dissertation looks at the Impact of Federalism on the implementation of citizens' policy preferences. In the context of his research, Eric looks at the different forms of (de)centralisation within both federal and unitary states. This project is supervised by Professor Benjamin Ferland from the School of Political Studies.

Silvana Gomes, doctoral candidate in Public Administration at the School of Political Studies. Her research looks at Policy Networks and Multi-level Cooperation in the Implementation of Digital Government Policies. This project is co-supervised by André Lecours and Eric Champagne, respectively professors of Political Science and Public Administration.

The research of these recipients will be published in the Center on Governance Working Papers Series and the Forum of Federations Occasional Papers Series.

For more information, please contact Professor André Lecours, Research director of the Federalism and Multi-Level Governance stream, Center on Governance.



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