Scientific articles and blog posts on COVID-19

Posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Microscopic view of the coronavirus tinted blue-grey

This page is a collection of scientific articles and opinion pieces relating to COVID-19 and its impacts, by researchers at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The information on this page is in English; you will find articles in French on the French version of this page.

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Gordon Betcherman - Economics

Jacqueline Best - Political Studies

Ivy Lynn Bourgeault - Sociology and Anthropology

Abel Brodeur - Economics

Abel Brodeur & David Gray - Economics

Stephen Brown - Political Studies

Nathalie Burlone & Eric Champagne - Political Studies & Centre on Governance

Jude Mary Cénat - Psychology

Eric Champagne - Political Studies

Marie-Eve Desrosiers - International Development and Global Studies

Patrick Fafard - Public and International Affairs

Ryan Katz-Rosene - Political Studies

André Laliberté - Political Studies

André Lecours - Political Studies

Melissa Marschke - International Development and Global Studies

Lauchlan Munro - International Development and Global Studies

Costanza Musu - Public and International Affairs

Michael Orsini - Feminist and Gender Studies

Roland Paris - Public and International Affairs

Nicholas Rivers - Public and International Affairs

Scott Simon - Sociological and Anthropological Studies

Susan Spronk - International Development and Global Studies

Meg Stalcup - Sociological and Anthropological Studies

Valerie Steeves - Criminology

Geneviève Tellier - Political Studies

Srdjan Vucetic - Public and International Affairs

Jennifer Wallner - Political Studies

Wesley Wark - Public and International Affairs

Sanni Yaya - International Development and Global Studies

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