Results - 2021 SSHRC Insight Program

Posted on Tuesday, June 15, 2021

Congratulations to the recipients of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council's (SSHRC) Insight grant!

The Faculty of Social Sciences submitted 20 eligible applications of which SSHRC funded 11 grants, for a total of $1,603,243 representing a success rate of 55.0%.

This year the University of Ottawa received funding for 34 out of 62 submitted projects, representing a success rate of 54.8% for a total of $5,428,401.

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Here are the successful submissions:
In English
  • Stephen Brown, Political Studies
    "Strategic Litigation and the Decriminalization of Homosexuality in Sub-Saharan Africa"
  • Alexandra Gheciu, Public and International Affairs
    "A 'community of values'? NATO in an illiberal, post-pandemic world"
  • Marie-France Lafontaine, Psychology
    "I needed you, but you were not there!: Understanding romantic attachment injuries in young adult couple relaitonships"
  • André Lecours, Political Studies
    "Explaining Weak Secessionism in Multinational Democracies"
  • Shoshana Magnet, Feminist and Gender Studies
    "Loneliness Technologies: Race, Gender, and Community"
  • Dave Miranda, Psychology
    "Can music help young multiethnic people when they experience multiracial discrimination?"
  • Luc Pelletier, Psychology
    "Prevalence, prediction, and prevention of insufficient effort responding: A motivational approach"
  • Ravi Pendakur, Public and International Affairs
    "Social inclusion, diversity and belonging"
  • Roland Pongou, Economics
    "COVID-19: Invisible Social Networks, Unequal Pandemic, and Socioeconomic Impacts"
In French
  • Luc Bernier, Public and International Affairs
    "À quoi servent les États infranationaux: l'expérience du Québec dans une perspective comparée"
  • Lilian Negura, Social Work
    La détresse psychologique des travailleuses et travailleurs sociaux du domaine de la santé au Québec et en Ontario : Représentation professionnelle et expérience vécue
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