Over 400 notes of kindness sent to first-year students from FSS Alumni

Posted on Wednesday, December 15, 2021

"Finals are coming..." written on a stack of postcards depicting a student reading on a bench in the fall.

A few weeks ago, the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) launched the second edition of the Kind Mail initiative. This timely initiative sets out to collect words of encouragement and sage advice from former FSS students. Alumni’s messages like quotes, anecdotes, from their time as a student were collected via an online portal, then transcribed handwritten messages to postcards. The post cards were sent by mail to first year students living in residence, right in time for their first exam season, reminding them that they have people in their corner supporting them throughout their journey!

Faculty Alumni met the initiative with great enthusiasm and shared notes on various topics.

Some alumni, like Anthony (2021), shared what got him through some more difficult times. “A criminology professor would say before every midterm or final,” he wrote, “Those who loved you before this test will still love you after it. It always calmed me.”

Sonia (2007) offered some advice on how to best approach exams. “Remember: it’s less about marks and more about attitude and preparation: start early, break it down into bites, reach out to profs & above all, be gentle with yourself!”

Other alums, like Juan Melara-Pineda (2018), reminded students that their pandemic university experience is unique. “University life probably looks different than what you once imagined. The fact you have made it this far is a testament to your resilience and perseverance!”

It was wonderful to see the flood of warm thoughts and messages come in and was a great reminder of the connection sense of community felt at FSS.

Thank you to all those that had a role to play in launching this year’s edition of the Kind Mail Project!

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