Faculty-wide Professional training program for teaching assistantships: A success for a third consecutive year!

Posted on Monday, October 7, 2013

Team responsible for 2013 program launch and coordination sitting in a conference room

At the start of this fall semester, Faculty of Social Sciences’ graduate students were able to take part, for the third consecutive year, in a professional training program for teaching assistantships.

The program, specifically developed for the Faculty’s graduate students, demonstrates the Faculty’s dedication to excellence in teaching and professionalism in teaching assistantships. This year, 141 teaching assistants benefited from the training program.

Recognizing that teaching assistants are important in supporting a rich and engaging learning experience for our undergraduates students, the Faculty is expanding its initiative by creating a new award, the Teaching Assistant Excellence Awards, designed to recognize and encourage excellence in the faculty's teaching assistants. 

These awards will showcase:

  • The support offered by teaching assistants, through their specific roles and functions, to both professors and students of all the Faculty’s schools and departments;
  • The professionalism demonstrated by the teaching assistants in the performance of their tasks, as well as their contributions to the betterment of students’ academic experience.

The team responsible for the fall 2013 program launch and coordination include (pictured above, left to right):

Thank you and congratulations to the entire team!

A job well done and good luck to all the teaching assistants!

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