Faculty of Social Sciences researchers speak to the media about the effects of COVID-19

Posted on Tuesday, December 21, 2021

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This is just a sample of English-language media contributions. Please visit the French version of this page to see a list of articles and interviews published in French.

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Alexander McClelland

Emma McKenna

Justin Piché

Valerie Steeves

Irvin Waller


Jean-Thomas Bernard

Abel Brodeur

Carolyn Fischer

Feminist and Gender Studies

Michael Orsini

Corrie Scott

Carolyn Whitzman

International Development and Global Studies

Marie-Eve Desrosiers

Melissa Marschke

Lauchlan T. Munro

Maïka Sondarjee

Susan Spronk

Political Studies

Jacqueline Best

Linda Cardinal

Eric Champagne

Monica Gattinger

Ryan Katz-Rosene

Michael A. O'Neill

Geneviève Tellier

Jennifer Wallner

Jennifer Wallner and André Lecours


Andrea Ashbaugh

Cristina Atance

Tim Aubry

Jude Mary Cénat

Joseph De Koninck

Stuart Fogel

Stuart Hammond

Nafissa Ismail

Louise Lemyre

Allison Ouimet

Rebecca Robillard

Maria Rogers

Darcy Santor

Krystelle Shaughnessy

Caroline Sullivan

Monnica Williams

Public and International Affairs

Rita Abrahamsen

Patrick Fafard

Dan Gardner

Peter Jones

Ferry de Kerckhove

Patrick Leblond

Patti Tamara Lenard

Costanza Musu

Roland Paris

Paul Robinson

Marc Saner

Christine Straehle

Srdjan Vucetic

Wesley Wark

Sociological and Anthropological Studies

Ivy Lynn Bourgeault

Kelly Bronson

Diane Pacom

Scott Simon

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