Faculty of Social Sciences: 2017-2018 Media Coverage

Posted on Friday, September 21, 2018

Because the expertise of professors and researchers from the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS) is well recognized, they are often asked to discuss on current issues in the media or to share their knowledge as part of new stories.

In fact, FSS and its experts generated over 615 media hits in the past year*. Here are our top ten specialists.

FSS Top Ten Experts:
  1. Roland Paris
  2. Patrick Leblond
  3. Geneviève Tellier
  4. Simon Lapierre
  5. Tim Aubry
  6. Jean-Thomas Bernard
  7. Thomas Juneau
  8. Holly Johnson
  9. Martin Normand
  10. Wesley Wark
 september 2017 and may 2018
 National, Ontario and international

*This includes coverage that is available online, some radio and television coverage may not have been captured. Coverage was compiled based on a list of keywords and all media hits also mention University of Ottawa or Université d’Ottawa from August 2017 to August 2018.

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