Discover the winners of the video contest: "Le Français m'allume!"

Posted on Tuesday, May 11, 2021

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The Faculty of Social Sciences is pleased to announce the results of the "Le Français m'allume!" video contest.

The contest gave Ontario high school students and University of Ottawa students the chance to explain, in a short video, why they chose to pursue their studies in French.

Following a participation that exceeded our expectations, we received nearly 100 videos!Thus, decision was made to offer three awards in the high school category and three awards in the university category.

High school category:
  • Camille Parker - First Prize: $2500
  • Keziah Al-Hassan - Second prize: $1500
  • Olivia Vinet - Third prize: $1000
"University" category:
  • Ida Hjerpe -First prize : $2500
  • Sydney Martin - Second prize: $1500
  • Audrey-Ann Renaud - Third prize: $1000

We invite you to discover the videos of our winners and to congratulate them on our social media.

Thank you to all participants and see you next year for the second edition!

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