Congratulations to our professors who have received Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) funding!

Posted on Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Jean-François Bureau, Cristina Atance and Patricia Brosseau-Liard (PSY), Fathers' and Mothers' Playful Parenting in the Preschool Years: Associations with Children's Socio-affective, Socio-cognitive, and Selective Learning Abilities

Richard Dubé (CRM) and Margarida Garcia, L’influence des victimes, des notions de reconnaissance et de dignité dans l’élaboration des politiques pénales et la détermination de la peine

Jennifer Kilty (CRM), Michael Orsini (POL), Justin Piché and Prashan Ranasinghe (CRM), Feeling the Carceral

Catherine Liston-Heyes and Luc Juillet (ESAPI), The Role of Internal Audit Reports in Public Sector Risk Management

Vikram Manjunath (ECO), Providing Incentives and Respecting Rights

Mireille McLaughlin (SOC), L’égalité linguistique entre monolinguisme et multilinguisme

Marjorie Silverman and Alexandre Baril (SVS), Forgotten Lives: The Experiences of Trans Older Adults with Dementia

Rebecca Tiessen (EDIM), The Distinctive Contributions of International Volunteers to Gender Equality Programming: Perspectives from Partner Organizations in the Global South

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