Congratulations to our professors that have received Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) funding!

Posted on Friday, November 1, 2013

Nine Faculty professors received funding through the Insight Grants and nine through the Insight Development Grants. With a 33% and 56% success rate respectively, the Faculty is well above the national averages of 21% and 29.8% for these competitions.

Insight Development Grants

Eric Champagne (School of Political Studies), Les programmes d'infrastructures municipales du gouvernement fédéral : ses instruments et sa cohérence dans un contexte de gouvernance multiniveau

Fernanda Estevan (Department of Economics), An Economic Analysis of An Affirmative Action Policy Without Quotas

Veronika Huta (School of Psychology), The ripple effects of personal excellence and pleasure: How peoples' pursuits of eudaimonia (excellence) and hedonia (pleasure)

Mireille McLaughlin (Department of Sociology and Anthropology), Le spectre de la classe : insertion professionnelle et transferts linguistiques au Canada francophone

Dave Miranda (School of Psychology), Music and ethnic identity development in adolescence: can music represent a sociocultural resource "in the mind" and "in the world"

Martin Papillon (School of Political Studies), Une comparaison des politiques provinciales en matière de relations avec les peuples autochtones

Corrie Scott (Institute of Women's Studies), Queer au Québec: une analyse des formes et fonctions des représentations queer dans la littérature québécoise

Nisha Shah (School of Political Studies), Gunning for War: A Critical History of Small Arms as Desired and Destructive Things

Daniel Stockemer (School of Political Studies), Pushed to the Edge: Explaining regional variation in support for extreme rightist parties in Western Europe

Insight Grants

Stephen Brown (School of Political Studies), Policy coherence for development and Canadian foreign aid

Jean-François Bureau (School of Psychology), Longitudinal Exploration of Family Systems Dynamic and Child Social Adaptation in Middle Childhood: The Role of Father-Child, Mother-Child, Siblings, and Parents Relationships

Christopher Ksoll (School of International Development and Global Studies), Information and communication technology in adult literacy classes: Effectiveness and empowerment impacts from three continents

Dominique Masson (Institute of Women's Studies), Solidarity-building in transnational feminist organizing: building solidarity across differences around the issue of food sovereignty at the World March of Women

Michael Orsini (Institute of Women's Studies), Understanding the Role of Emotions and Stigma in Policy Discourse

Luc Pelletier (School of Psychology), Message Tailoring and Message Framing: Their Effects on Self-Determined Motivation for Pro-Environmental Behaviours

Alvaro P. Pires (Department of Criminology), L'énigme de l'échelle des peines en Occident: les droits de la personne, l'impunité et le paradoxe des « peines radicales »

Françoise Vanhamme (Department of Criminology), Quelle Justice ? Enquête sur les modes sociaux de régulation des troubles (principes et pratiques)

Cheryl Webster (Department of Criminology), Understanding variability in trends in imprisonment rates in Canada (1960-2012): A more nuanced picture of Canadian levels of punitiveness

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