Changes to the Faculty's leadership team

Posted on Tuesday, June 29, 2021

There are big changes coming to the FSS academic leadership team this summer.  We have five departing directors: Gilles Breton (GSPIA), Marie-Josée Massicotte (FEM), Nathalie Mondain (SOC-ANT), Christian Rouillard (POL) and Susan Spronk (IDGS).  I have spent a lot of time with these colleagues, and I am deeply grateful for their dedication to the Faculty, for their patience, and for their collaboration.  We’ve had some especially complicated issues to deal with together, and they’ve had to invest a great deal of themselves to navigate the constantly shifting academic terrain since March 2020.    Working conditions for all have been difficult since the beginning of the pandemic...but without the work of these colleagues, it could have been much worse.

The outgoing directors are replaced by Jamie Lieuw (FEM – from the Faculty of Common Law), Roland Paris (GSPIA), Joshua Ramisch (IDGS), André Tremblay (SOC-ANT) and Fred Vairel (POL).  Thank you for taking up this challenge - we will do great things together....

At the Vice-Dean level, Hélène Pellerin from POL joins us as Vice-Dean of Undergraduate Studies (interim), as Marc Molgat resumes his life as a professor-researcher.  Mireille McLaughlin is now officially the Associate Vice-Dean for Undergraduate Studies, with a portfolio focused on the student experience, and Mark Salter begins his term as Vice-Dean for Research.

We would also like to acknowledge the contributions of those who continue to serve in their mandates: Sylvie Frigon (Graduate Studies), Nathan Young (Governance + Internationalization), Catherine Deri-Armstrong (ECO), Jennifer Kilty (CRM), Christopher Fennel (PSY), and Sébastien Savard (SVS).  It was a real team effort this year, and without their participation the success-failure ratio would have been lower.

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