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Posted on Monday, February 28, 2022

Ukraine Flag

We, Professor and student members of the University of Ottawa’s Chair of Ukrainian Studies, strongly condemn the Russian Federation’s unqualified aggression towards Ukraine over the last few days.

The images we are seeing on a daily basis are terrifying, and what we are hearing from our colleagues and loved ones is heartbreaking. This is a deplorable assault on an entire country, its history, and its identity. Unjustified violence has been directed at civilian populations and the armed forces, who find themselves paying a heavy price for Moscow’s actions as they defend Ukraine’s right to freedom.

Our hearts and sincerest thoughts go out to Ukraine and to everyone hard hit by this act of depravity. Ukraine is not alone, and we offer our wholehearted support: we stand with Ukraine.

Many of you no doubt want to show your solidarity with Ukraine, but you may not know where to begin. There are a couple of ways you can help. First, you can prevent the transmission of Russian propaganda by ensuring that you and others have access to reliable information. Second, you can support Ukrainians who are fighting the invasion, surviving under attack, or seeking refuge abroad through donations to recognized charities. We can support Ukrainians in their struggle in our own way, even from abroad.

We thus urge you to consult the following list of reliable sources of information, as well as some vetted organizations to which you can make a donation. Please note that the lists below are not exhaustive.

Where to find reliable information in English

Social media is rife with misinformation, and a classic hybrid war strategy is the distortion of facts to attempt to justify the unjustifiable. Our expertise as Ukrainian Studies scholars helps us to distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources concerning Ukraine, and we are happy to share some trustworthy ones with you.

Western public media (free access)

CBC, PBS, NPR, BBC, DW, France 24, CNN, The Guardian, The Irish Times

Open-source investigative journalism (follow on Twitter)

Centre for Information Resilience


Independent Ukrainian news outlets

Kyiv Independent

Official Ukrainian news outlets


Kyiv Post

Twitter accounts (in English)

Where to donate

The following organisations have been vetted by the team here at the Chair of Ukrainian Studies.

Humanitarian/refugee support

Ukrainians on the ground

Websites aggregating information regarding donations and actions you can take

Find your local rally in support of Ukrainians

Want to learn more about the context of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine?


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