2021 Recipients of Insight Development Grants

Posted on Thursday, August 19, 2021

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Congratulations to members of our research community who were awarded an Insight Development Grant!

The Faculty of Social Sciences submitted 19 applications to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council's (SSHRC) Insight Development program. SSHRC has funded 12 of these projects for a total of $796,644, which represents a success rate of 63.2%.

This year, the University of Ottawa has received funding for 25 of the 47 projects submitted, representing a success rate of 53.2% for a total of $1,592,761.

Here is the list of recipients:

Projects in English
  • Tim Aubry, Psychology
    "Building Citizenship in Housing First Programs"
  • Serena Corsini-Munt, Psychology
    "Can selfdetermined motivation help established couples enhance sexual wellbeing?"
  • Denis Cousineau, Psychology
    "Role of visuospatial memory span in acquiring statistics competencies"
  • Myra Mohnen, Economics
    "ARPANET, Connectivity and the Shaping of Innovation"
  • Maïka Sondarjee, International Development and Global Studies
    "White Saviorism in International Development"
  • Karine Vanthuyne, Sociology and Anthropology
    "Indigenizing Post Secondary Curricula with Indigenous Curriculum Specialists"
  • Irene Vitoroulis, Psychology
    "Intergroup peer relationships and peer victimization among immigrant, refugee, ethnocultural and racialized adolescents"
  • Benjamin Zyla, International Development and Global Studies
    "Aid effectiveness"
Projects in French
  • Fanny-Alexandra Guimond, Psychology
    « L’image corporelle et l’engagement scolaire à l’enfance »
  • Mathieu Lizotte, Sociology and anthropology
    « Surendettement, insolvabilité et moralité : étude de cas sur la faillite personnelle au Canada »
  • Nicolas Moreau, Social Work
    « L’autoquantification en course à pied : étude exploratoire de l’expérience vécue »
  • Isabelle Perreault, Criminology and Dahlia Namian, Social Work
    « Ces morts qui ne comptent pas »
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