2020 Research Support Program Recipients

Posted on Thursday, January 23, 2020

Microphone with money sign in dialogue bubble

Daniel Stockemer (POL), Youths without representation: The presence of young politicians in cabinets around the world

Denis Cousineau (PSY), "L'anxiété statistique"

Justin Piché (CRM), Documenting, Dismantling and Building Alternatives to the Prison Fiasco: Action-research to Counter Social Forces Sustaining Human Caging and Impact Transformation

Larisa Kurtović (SOC), Reclaiming Dita: A Collaborative, Graphic Ethnography of Worker Activism in Postsocialist Bosnia-Herzegovina

Marie-France Lafontaine (PSY), Narratives of romantic attachment injuries in young adults: Exploring themes and associations with event-related psychological outcomes within a mixed-method design

Marie-Josée Massicote (POL), Food insecurity in students

Monnica Williams (PSY), Measuring the Impact of Racialization and Discrimination on Mental Health

Sophie Lebel (PSY), Adapting the Fear Of Recurrence Therapy to Caregivers

Véronique Strimelle (CRM), "Après la prison : parcours de femmes judiciarisées de 50 ans et plus au Québec et en Ontario"

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