Workshop: Exam Preparation

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Our FSS mentors will help you to prepare for the upcoming virtual exam season and offer their insights on how to create and manage your study schedule. Join us to hear about their simple and efficient study methods.


Workshop: Time Management

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Courses, readings, assignments, work, volunteering, staying active, and yes…SLEEP! Zoom University has made it increasingly difficult to stay on top of things in 2021. Join our FSS student mentors to learn some best practices for management your time in this new online environment.

Bring your agenda/planner and your course outlines. This virtual workshop will help you to get organized and draw up a plan to achieve your academic and personal goals for the session.

Workshop: Note Taking

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Fact: Thirty minutes after attending class, you have already forgotten approximately 50% of the information provided to you.

This webinar will help you to identify what is important from your readings and course lectures and offer simple strategies to help you develop your note-taking skills, including how to take concise, well-organized and well-worded notes. You will receive useful tips to help you retain information and maximize study time. Join us — we can help you with your online note-taking skills.

Workshop: Burnout blast

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Did you experience academic burnout during the Fall semester? Are you nervous about feeling the same way again this semester? Learn about ways to tackle burnout in this workshop and blast it from your life! This session will offer tips and tricks on how to reduce the feeling of burnout from the start, ways to maintain and/or increase your grades, and long-term solutions to avoid the effects of online burnout this semester. The material presented in this webinar is a combination of researched techniques and personal experience from our team of student-mentors.


Workshop: Research opportunities in FSS

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Would you like to earn money, scholarships, and course credits by getting involved in research with the Faculty of Social Sciences? Attend this brief, information-packed workshop led by a mentor from the Student Experience Centre where we will give you specific information on research opportunities, eligibility requirements, and how to get started. Whether you are in first year or fourth year, this workshop is for you!

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