Study Groups

The Student Experience Centre and your FSS mentors are moving all Fall 2020 study groups online to accommodate the needs of our students during this unique and challenging time. All sessions will take place via Microsoft Teams, if you would like to participate, please follow the registration link below or email our team to join the online group dedicated to your course.

The location may have changed, but our goals for each session remain the same:

  • Discuss important concepts
  • Develop study strategies
  • Review the course material
  • Develop relationship with other students
  • Help with transition
  • Share expertise
  • Earn higher grades

Fall 2020 course list - Follow the link to join the MS Team associated with the course

Course Code Section  Microsoft Teams Link
SOC 1101 B- Larose SOC 1101
  C- Aggor Boateng SOC 1101
  D- Lieflander SOC 1101
  W- Sawan SOC 1101
PSY 1101 B & C- Mileva PSY 1101
  D,E,F - Poole PSY 1101
PSY 1102 B, C & D - Emerson PSY 1102
ECO 1102 B- Lenjosek ECO 1102
  C- Critoph ECO 1102
ECO 1104 B & C - Lenjosek and Gray ECO 1104

Please view our list of Study Groups available in French.

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