Research at the Faculty of Social Sciences

Research at the Faculty

The Faculty of Social Sciences continually works to create a dynamic research culture that promotes and encourages innovative and impactful research. Our research priorities are framed by two cross-cutting themes, “la francophonie” and Indigenous research, which serve to guide and shape the way in which research topics are addressed. We aim for excellence in research activities with local and global impact.

Important deadlines

Details on the NSERC Discovery Grant

October 19 – NFRF Exploration Stream

October 26 – NFRF Innovative approaches to research in the pandemic context

October 27 - internal deadline for NSERC Discovery

November 1 – NSERC Discovery

November 1 – SSHRC Connection

November 2 – NOI NFRF Transformation

November 9 – NEW CIHR Indigenous COVID-19 Rapid Research Funding Opportunity

November 12 - France Canada Research Fund

November 15 – University Program: Conferences

November 15 – SSHRC Partnership Development

November 15 – SSHRC Race, Gender and Diversity Initiative

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