Election of Student Members to Faculty Council, Committees and Assemblies

Students who would like to participate in decisions governing life on campus can try to become members of certain Faculty councils and committees. For this, they must first of all be nominated by full time student in their program and, if there are more nominations than open student positions, win an election. Generally, elections for governing bodies take place in September.

Students can become members of their departmental assembly, members of the Faculty Council, or members of other faculty committees. Departmental assemblies, committees and the Faculty Council meet approximately once a month, for two to three hours, mainly during the academic year (September - May). These councils are made up of professors and students, the latter representing up to one third of all members.

Just by attending the meetings, student members can comment and vote on proposals made by other members, and make proposals of their own. These proposals can deal with the organization of the study and research programs, student financial aid, assistantships, invitation of external speakers, candidates for teaching positions, organization of symposia or conferences, and many other matters focusing on the administration of the Faculty of Social Sciences or the institution's relations with the outside world.

If certain students want to become even more involved, they may also join certain departmental or faculty committees that deal with the above subjects specifically. This of course involves extra meetings; nonetheless, membership on councils does not imply that members must also sit on other committees.

Please note that the nomination forms must be submitted at the Office of the Vice Dean of Undergraduate Studies and Secretary in room 3001 of the Social Sciences Building.

Faculty Council

The by-law of the Faculty of Social Sciences on the mandate and composition of its Faculty Council stipulates that students may occupy up to one third of the seats on the Council. The membership of the Council is approximately forty members.

The by-law further stipulates that one student per Faculty department, school and Institute is to be elected by their peers, i.e. regular, full-time students of their department, school or Institute. Students are elected for a one year term, (from October 1 to September 30). The term of office may be renewed.

According to the by-laws, election of student members should normally take place in September and the nomination and election are coordinated by the student associations of the Faculty of Social Sciences and by the GSAED.

Number of seats:

Undergraduate level: One from each of the Faculty's departments, schools and Institute.

Graduate level: Four (4) students elected in compliance with GSAED procedures.


  1. You must be a regular, full-time student in the department, school or Institute you seek to represent.
  2. You must have completed at least one year as a full-time student in this department, school or Institute.


Candidates are elected by their peers (regular, full-time students) in their department, school or Institute. Students must present their student card when voting.


You must sign the nomination form (see below) and then have it signed by five, regular full-time students from your department, school or Institute. Submit the form to your student association (undergraduate students) or to the GSAED (graduate students).

Executive Committee

Each year, the Faculty Council may elect up to two (2) of its student members, that is, one (1) undergraduate and one (1) graduate student, to the Executive Committee. These students must maintain their full-time status throughout their term on the Executive Committee (by-law 2.1.2).

Undergraduate Studies Committee (USC)

One (1) undergraduate student, elected by the Faculty Council at its October meeting.

Graduate Studies Committee (GSC)

One (1) student member enrolled in a graduate studies program of the Faculty, elected by the Faculty Council at its October meeting.

Assemblies of Academic Units

Departmental Assemblies

Student membership: A certain number of elected students who are registered full-time in the Department's programs of study and will continue as full-time students during their term as members; at least 20% of these students must be registered in the Department's graduate studies programs; the number of students shall not exceed more than seven (7), nor exceed one-third (1/3) of the total number of regular professors; the Assembly can determine the total number of student members and the breakdown; student members are excluded when the Assembly deals with matters relating to the APUO Collective Agreement (by-law

School and Institute Assemblies

The by-laws of each school and Institute below are listed in the Faculty By-Laws.

  • School of International Development and Global Studies
  • School of Political Studies
  • School of Psychology (School Council)
  • School of Social Work
  • Graduate School of Public and International Affairs
  • Institute of Feminist and Gender Studies

Nomination form for the assemblies - Please note that the form can be completed electronically and then printed out.

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