Virtual Tour of the Lab

You’ve set up an appointment, and after days of breathless anticipation the time has finally come: today is you & your baby’s session at the Language Development Lab.

Parking lot at the development lab

Turn onto Marie Curie Private. At the first stop sign turn left on to Louis Pasteur. Proceed down to the parking lot and turn right at the first opportunity. There will be three reserved parking spots on your right beside the handicap parking spots. Pull into the parking spot labelled CCLL. A research assistant will meet you there with the parking pass. You can also easily access the building by bus, as the Vanier building is right beside the transitway (Campus Station).

main entrance of lab

If you are walking or taking the bus, a smiling research assistant will meet you in the Main Entrance to the Vanier building.

Play area

We will escort you up to 6012, which is our nice reception room. We have lots of cool toys for babies and kids to play with. We know they’re cool because we play with them ourselves when no one else is here.

Reception are at the lab

After you and your baby have settled in, we will explain the study in detail to you. After we’ve explained everything and you’ve had a chance to ask questions, we’ll give you a consent form to read over and sign.

Testing room

Once everyone is ready, we will take you and your baby into the adjoining testing room. Any other children you’ve brought with you will get to stay in the reception area down the hall and continue to play with a research assistant or graduate student.

Testing room

The time in the testing room is generally between 3 and 7 minutes. Your baby will be seated on your lap for the entire time, and s/he will be facing forwards, watching one or more images on a television screen. You will be wearing sound-cancelling earphones in order to make sure you don’t inadvertently influence your baby.

Lab room

In our studies, we measure babies’ looking time at the television screen: boredom, and a corresponding decrease in looking time, indicates learning.


After the testing is completed, we will go back into the reception room, at which point we often have one or two language questionnaires that we will ask you to fill out, depending on the study. We’ll also be happy to answer any questions you may have on language development in general. Then, before you go, we’ll give you and your baby a thank-you gift for participating in our study. A lab member will then walk you back to your car/bus stop/teleportation device. Thus ends your visit to the Language Development Lab.

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