Graduate Students

Research Assistants

Honours Thesis Students

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Former Members of the Lab

  • Melanie Borch (Honours Thesis)
  • Cloudia Rodriguez (Research Assistant)
  • Allyson Lim Tharamarajah (Research Assistant)
  • Inès Fiedler (Research Assistant)
  • Alexia Gravel (Research Assistant)
  • Angélica Martinez-Cepeda (Honours Thesis)
  • Francesca Rosina-Talarico (Honours Thesis) 
  • Annie Drouin (Ph.D Student)
  • Angleline Tsui (Ph.D Student)
  • Katie Cassidy (Research Assistant)
  • Noreen Rahmani (Research Assistant)
  • Christine Moreau (Honours Thesis)
  • Stéphanie Monette (Honours Thesis)
  • Alia Chamberlain (Honours Thesis)
  • Audrey-Ann Deneault (Research Assistant)
  • Caitlin Atkinson (Research Assistant)
  • Roxane Gregoire (Honours Thesis)
  • Maude LeBouthillier-Shaugnessy (Honours Thesis)
  • Rand Al-Houssan (Honours Thesis)
  • Robert Udala (Honours Thesis)
  • Sophie Godbout-Beaulieu (Graduate Student)
  • Thyra Driver (Research Assistant)
  • Corinne Laliberté (Research Assistant)
  • Tamara Hudon (Ph.D Student)
  • Bianca Paluche (Honours Thesis)
  • Christine Frank (Research Assistant)
  • Brock Ferguson (Honours Thesis)
  • Katrie Williams (Honours Thesis)
  • Emily Kuurstra (Honours Thesis)
  • Matthew Hoftyzer (Honours Thesis)
  • Monika Nazair (Honours Thesis)
  • Will Deller (Honours Thesis)
  • Becky Ginsburg (Research Assistant)
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