Opportunities for Students

Doctoral Studies 2014

We will accept one doctoral student in experimental psychology for the 2014-2015 academic year.

Honour's Thesis 2014-2015

2-3 places for the 2014-15 academic year, preferably to those already volunteering in the lab.

A preference will be given to a student who can start reading during the summer.

Please send a CV, a complete and updated transcript, and a short motivation letter. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Patrick Gaudreau


I encourage students to contact me as soon as possible during their undergraduate degree. I am selecting students who really like research in motivation and who want to do a doctoral degree in psychology. For me, the honour's thesis is not an end in itself. The thesis is part of a learning process to prepare the student for graduate studies in psychology. Therefore, I am looking for motivated students who like to read, write, think, and work rigorously. I supervise two students each year. My team and I have weekly meetings with the students to ensure that work is done progressively and continuously. Students can select their topic among our research interests. The thesis is done individually in a climate of cooperation and mutual assistance. Students are integral members of the lab and they actively contribute to our research activities. In exchange, I am demanding a serious engagement on the part of the students. I am looking for students who can invest the needed time and effort to do an excellent thesis.

Ideal student for the LAMRA:

  1. Enjoys research: The thesis is not an obligation; it is a personal choice.
  2. Understands that the thesis is a long process; it requires way more effort than a regular course.
  3. Contacts Dr. Gaudreau to obtain volunteering position in the second or third year.
  4. Takes the social motivation course in the third year (and all other appropriate courses).
  5. Does a directed research course during the third year (depending on Dr. Gaudreau availability).

A few important things:

  • Good GPA with good sense of initiatives.
  • Keen interest for theories and research in human motivation.
  • Capable of reading and understanding scientific articles.
  • Adequate skills in stats (and motivated to learn even more).
  • Excellent potential for writing.
  • Motivated to learn the APA style.
  • Not afraid of SPSS software.
  • A true motivation and interest for my research program.

Volunteer Positions

We are currently looking for volunteers for an approximate of 7-10 hours of work per week.

We are looking for autonomous, serious, proactive, and sociable students to perform various tasks. Serving as a volunteer requires a great deal of motivation and an intrinsic interest for the research process. This experience will facilitate the acquisition of knowledge and skills for the honours' thesis and graduate studies in psychology. We prioritize second and third year students who wish to write their honours thesis under the supervision of Patrick Gaudreau. A clear intention to continue in psychology in graduate school is also a required condition for this position.

Overall, the volunteer work implies working on the following tasks:

  • Web search on PSYCH-Info and import references and PDF in a specialized software (ENDNOTE).
  • Read and edit different documents to ensure that there are no mistakes left.
  • Contact professors by email to get the authorization of doing short presentations in their classes to recruit participants for our research.
  • Make short presentations in classes to recruit participants for our research.
  • Contact potential participants by email to invite them to participate in our research and also answer their questions.
  • Offer office hours to meet participants that are coming to get their compensation for their participation.
  • Give participation points to participants for a study through the Integrated System of Participation in Research from the School of Psychology.
  • Build research instruments on the Web via a specialized, but easy to use, software.
  • Data entry in the SPSS software.

This volunteering experience is a good way to acquire significant experience in research. For each of those tasks, training will be provided. It is also a way to meet graduate and fourth year students. Finally, it is also possible to do some reading regarding the research interests of my research program. A directed reading/research course can be offered for motivated volunteer who want to do their honours' thesis under our supervision.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Patrick Gaudreau by email and send your CV as well as a transcript. Volunteers are chosen after a short interview process.

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