About the Laboratory


The Laboratory’s objective is to facilitate interdisciplinary exchanges concerning the diverse issues addressed by the myriad of food-related projects, to bring together the diverse expertise of researchers, professors, and students. The LISF aims to contribute to a better understanding of food related issues and to facilitate collaborative research projects between the students and researchers of the University. The Laboratory will also draw attention to some of these initiatives with the hope of fostering learning and strengthening research partnerships with community organizations, government bodies, and other citizen groups working on food related issues.


Laboratory Activities and Initiatives:

  • Holding midday seminars and roundtable discussions enabling researchers, students, and associated members to present work in progress;
  • Hosting presentations and discussions of food related research and initiatives undertaken by community groups and government actors;
  • Facilitating networking and collaboration among representatives from the university, community and government;
  • Organizing workshops, public lectures, and academic conferences led by University of Ottawa researchers and invited speakers;
  • Coordinating fool policy development for the University of Ottawa campus;
  • Screening and discussion of documentaries;
  • Distributing information on events and resources via a mailing list and website;
  • Facilitating a food-related reading group.
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